The tradition of tomorrow.

Do you love electric guitars?

The vintage ones have tremendous tone, don’t they? But the ergonomics, oh boy, don’t get me started on that. On the other hand, the ones mass produced today - they lack soul, that unique vibe, that sound. Sure, some are comfy to play, some are a pleasure to look at… But what if you could have it all? The sound, the soul, the looks and the possibility of playing painlessly all day long? And not for the price of a new car.

I love electric guitars, the feel, the sound, the smell of nitrocellulose or oil finish. For long, it inspired me to create new tones, new melodies. But it wasn’t enough. The guitars I knew played nothing like those legendary ones you can hear on Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath albums… So I started to dig into what makes a good electric guitar, and then what makes a great one. It took 3 years of research to pin down almost 50 factors that make an electric guitar sound amazing or awful. Took 2 more years to design first prototypes that feel familiar yet fresh.

Combining applied physics with traditional luthiercraft to give you the best of both worlds. With my friends and co-workers from Avernus Guitars, we give you today the tradition of tomorrow.

Łukasz Wroński Founder of Avernus Guitars